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HongrieCH American style Von Teufelhöhlebulldog anglais : CH Américan Style Von Teufelhöhle United StatesCH Lyerly's American Dreambulldog anglais : CH Lyerly's American Dream United StatesCH Major League Lethal Weaponbulldog Anglais : CH Major League Lethal Weapon USACh. Only Red Hot Chilli Pepperbulldog Anglais CH only red hot chili pepper
United StatesCH Major League Kit Katbulldog Anglais : CH Major League Kit Kat
USACH Rich's Pride Lolita of LyerlyEnglish bulldog : CH Rich's Pride Lolita of Lyerly UKCH Nobozz Rodney TigerEnglish bulldog : CH Nobozz Rodney Tiger
USACH Lyerly's Leather'N LaceEnglish bulldog : CH Lyerly's Leather'N Lace
HungaryFiona Von TeufelhöhleEnglish bulldog : Fiona Von Teufelhöhle USAHVCH Sir Frankie of LyerlyEnglish bulldog : Sir Frankie of Lyerly USACH Millcoats MuggsEnglish bulldog : CH Millcoats Muggs
USACH Lyerly's Leather'N LaceEnglish bulldog : CH Lyerly's Leather'N Lace
HungaryEg Gyongye ChocolatEnglish bulldog : Eg Gyongye Chocolat USASubarashil Hoshi Hikari PithonEnglish bulldog : Subarashil Hoshi Hikari Pithon
HungaryRossy Denis
NetherlandsDiamond from BullhappinessEnglish bulldog : Diamond from bullshappiness UKCH Mellowmood Full MontyEnglish bulldog : Ch Mellowmood Full Monty UKIceglint I’m EdwardEnglish bulldog : CH Iceglint I’m Edward UKCH Iceglint I’m SpikeEnglish bulldog : CH Iceglint I’m Spike
UKPastrich Beauty Patches by IceglintEnglish bulldog : Pastrich Beauty Patches by Iceglint
AnglaisNightranger Ice Ice Baby for Mellowmoodbulldog ou bouledogue anglais : Nightranger Ice Ice Baby for Mellowmood United KingdomWyebuleigh Third Domain from IvabullyEnglish bulldog : Wyebuleigh Third Domain from Ivabully
AnglaisMellowmood Vonies Girl of Nightrangerbulldog ou bouledogue anglais : Mellowmood Vonies Girl of Nightranger
NetherlandsQueen from Bulls HappinessEnglish bulldog : Queen from bullshappiness United KingdomCH Wyecaple KaraokeEnglish bulldog : Wyecaple Karaoke United KingdomBantoloch Barney MagrooEnglish bulldog : Bantoloch Barney Magroo
United KingdomColdstream Pepperino at WyecapleEnglish bulldog : CH Coldstream Pepperino at Wyecaple
NetherlandsPaige V.D. Flying BulldogEnglish bulldog : Paige V.D. Flying Bulldog United KingdomCH Wyecaple Good to GoEnglish bulldog : CH Wyecaple Good to Go

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